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Mirela Ştef Traducător — Asist. Anca Deac Responsabilitatea pentru conţinutul lucrărilor incluse în prezentul volum, revine în exclusivitate autorilor. Universităţii nr. Doing leisure sports is a specific way of spending your free time loisir.

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Efficiently using physical exercise must be wholed with willingfully spending time outdoors by practicing leisure activities, praciticing games, sports varicose live este grozav tourism, as well as more special activities like fishing, hunting and cyclotourism. The overall population must be more motivated and more responsible when it comes to maintaining and improving health, because practicing physical activities sistematically and continuously, lead the participants to a better well being.

Health is a fundamental resource for individuals, communities and societies in a bigger picture. For the individual, to enjoy a good health status is of a primal importance.

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At an individual level, health represents an important component of human capital, allowing people to perform activities, to fulfill their goals, to have a complete life and to be active members of society Marginean et all,p. Maintaining an optimal health condition of the body is a quite delicate issue nowadays, that should create awareness and make every society responsible, in order to cope with every-day demands.

Through the level effort, man is diminishing or increasing his physio-mobile capacity.

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In order to maintain a varicose live este grozav physical condition and health it is important to have a behaviour that gives a physical well being. For instance, avoiding smoking, alcohol as well as a moderate diet are just a few habits that insure a good physical health. The fundamental abilities of self-caring can help people solve their small health issues.

However, it is equally important to be responsible when it comes to having regular checks and approaching medical institutions whenever one develops serious conditions. This truth is already very well known and accepted unanimously.

Tratamentul cu varicoza oshnik benefits of physical activities on public health have been examnined and recognized by many international organizations, such as The International Health Organization, The International Sports Medicine Federation, The European Council. Sistematic physical activity can maintain and varicose live este grozav the structure of other tissues and organs, to improve bodily functions and to counter damage that tend to appear due to incativity and aging.

Also, it is thought that emotions have an important part in human life, influencing physical health. Doctors frequently see the links between the body and the mind. Sports and leisure activities improve health and bring at the same time, social and educational benefits.

Badicu G, Balint L, p. Sport and physical education must not dissapear from the activities of every citizen category, including from elderly people, exercising bringing good to our health condition, to physical health and it improves the quality of life Popescu R.

The extra stress to which they are presented, increase the functions of bone cells Esterson P. Motives are psychological structures that start, actively sustain and direct from within, an action or behaviour, acting like a trigger Epuran M. Man never acts led by just one motive, but under the influence of a motivational structure. Epuranp.

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Thus, the psychological and social motivations form a very complicated labyrinth. Human actions are usually plurimotivated, as man aims at satisfying and succeding most of the times, a broad range of needs.

Together with need comes the impulse and then lust — awareness of need. The intention marks the passage from motives to purposes — the mental transformation and their outcome. The needs that practicing physical activities satisfy are not fundamentally different from the other human motivations. Motivating the young in sistematically performing physical activities is a principle of all physical activities methodology, regardless of their type: formal academicinformal extra-curricular, complementary, targetlessprofessional or just leisure loisir.

The end objectives of physical education, at any level, consist in getting a strong, continuous motivation, that last a lifetime, for practicing physical activities.

It is desirable for the young to know the importance of practicing lifelong physical activities, to be dexterous and thus to be able to take on as many forms of body expression.

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If they are well informed, capable and eager for sport, they will always appreciate an active lifestyle, they will enjoy a fully healthy life, not only as young but as adults as well. To invest, with reference to society, in activities aiming at promoting a healthy lifestyle, means emphasizing the most pretious capital — the human capital. The expenses are far smaller in comprison with the ones diverted to the curative medicine, that requires medical offices, hospitals, medicine, medical equipment etc.

A serious effort is required in order to identify the reasons people practice leisure sports activities. Specialists need to know what people like and what they dislike about the activity that they conduct. The reasons behind people working out, organized or independant, do not stay the same over the years. And so, the motivational strategies must be modified as well.

Knowing the reasons is not enough. These need to be accompanied by efforts in structuring the preparation and in offering multiple opportunities to the participants.

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For example, The International Health Organization estimates that yearly, physical inactivity represents the cause behind 1. U, in regards to the practice of physical activities [14].

This fact is varicose live este grozav a crucial importance not just from the health perspective, wellbeing and people integration, but because the significant economic costs that result from the lack of physical activities as well".

The poll shows that, especially local authorities can do more to encourage citizens to be active from a physical point of view. Figure 1. Percentual declared value of the U. The countries and percentual declared value of the U. The most active U. Statistics show that Northern Europe is a lot more physically active that the Southern and Eastern part. The poll shows that, especially the local authorities from our country could do more to encourage ctizens to be more active physically.

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The biggest danger that physical inactivity exposes us is, as it is often said, heart sickness. In this matter, inon St. The same source, varicose live este grozav in relation with physical inactivity, states that over 48 million adults in Europe, taken as a whole and cca 23 million adults from the U.

There is a insignificant number of sports actions aimed at leisure, organized by local authorities, the department of youth and sport, different private sports asociations, non-profit organizations etc. From the investigations that we conducted infrom adult persons that practice sport, we can say that they are performing their sports activities in different areas of Brasov City, like: Tampa Alley, where the majority jog, walk or practice different sports games ; in the city parks where multifunctional equipment destined to enhance strenght, that are being used by many categories of people Tractorul Park, Central Park, Racadau Park, Noua Park etc.

Chimi pentru varice în timpul sarcinii Pe valea Cernei, in judetul Caras-Severin, se afla Baile Herculane, una dintre cele mai vechi statiuni balneare din intreaga lume. Prima atestare documentara a statiunii dateaza din anul e. În cazul venelor mai mari de 10 mm, în ju­mătate din cazuri apar recidive și nu se recomandă. Apele minerale din Caucaz și stațiuni de sănătate ale Kislovodsk sunt o destinație favorită pentru turiști, în cazul în care puteți avea nu numai distracție și să se distreze, dar, de asemenea, pentru a imbunatati sanatatea lor.

The results of this investigation have shown that the number of liesure activities done and organized in Brasov city, inis very low 8 and the number of participants wasreported to the number of adult persons By saying this, we care to mention that there have been multiple strategies and programs created in Romania, buy these proved to be non-viable. At a Brasov City level, there are no policies directed to leisure sports, even more, local authorities have their attention on performance sport professional.

Nowadays perception pushes the term Optimal health, which implies the vitality and the joy of life, representing more that the absence of disease. The sistematic, correct and conscious practication of physical exercises, especially in the spare time, organized or independent, creates the premises of the development for sports culture, fact that will determine the foundation of a competitive society whithin the European Union, aligned to its standard.

Bădicu G. Varicose live este grozav Gh. Epuran M Motricitate şi psihism în varicose live este grozav corporale, Vol. All Educational, Bucureşti. Mărginean I, Ana B et al. Popescu R, Preoteasa A M Studiul cu tema Percepţia autorităţilor locale cu privire la tineri şi participarea lor la procesul de decizie, Oradea. D Rezumat: De ce să-i înveţi dansul pe cei surzi, care până la urmă, nu pot auzi muzica acompaniatoare, de ce să danseze copiii cu sindromul Langdon Down sau copii autişti?

Varicose vein treatment in tamil - Varicose veins home remedy - Narambu surutal vaithiyam - நரம்பு

Asta este o întrebare întemeiată, căci dansul şi muzica sunt foarte strâns legate. Ca şi muzica bună, dansul are un puls, un ritm, o respiraţie a lui. Dacă oamenii pot deveni conştienţi de asta şi de propriul lor ritm, de ritmul interior, atunci ei pot dansa.

Varice - tratament cu laser endovenos 360 grade regulator varicoză ce este

Studiul exerciii de trabuc în varicoza dezvoltă abilităţi legate de arii de învăţare, de la simplul numărat la conştientizare spaţială mărită şi înţelegerea formei, de la explorarea echilibrului la o cunoaştere a greutăţii. Dansul de asemenea solicită şi dezvoltă capacitatea critică şi disciplină de sine.

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Copiii cu cerinţe educaţionale speciale pot obţine beneficii adiţionale specifice dizabilităţii lor: prin dans, au oportunitatea să se exprime, ceea ce deseori alină frustrarea de a avea foarte puţin sau nici un limbaj verbal. Cuvinte cheie: dans, muzică, dizabilitate Abstract: Why to teach deaf people dancing, which in the end can not hear the accompanying music, why dance Langdon Down syndrome children and children with autism?

This is a justified question, because dance and music are very closely related. Like good music, dance has a pulse, a rhythm, a breathing of his. If people can become aware of it and their own rhythm, the inside rhythm, they can dance. Dance study develops skills related to areas of learning, from simple counting to increased spatial awareness and understanding of form, from exploration to a knowledge of the weight balance.

Dancing also requires and develops critical ability and self discipline. Children with special needs can get additional benefits specific to their disability: through dance, have the varicose live este grozav to express themselves, which often relieve frustration of having little or no verbal language.

De fapt, cum cei surzi îşi folosesc corpurile pentru a comunica, asa cum fac şi dansatorii, e logic să presupunem că surzii pot dansa cel puţin la fel de expresiv ca oamenii care aud, şi probabil chiar mai bine. Entuziaştii dansului şi a întreţinerii corporale adeveresc sentimentul de bineţe care derivă din exerciţiile lor. Mişcarea îmbunătăţeşte flexibilitatea şi forţa.

Este timpul sa va schimbati Viata!

Dansul de asemenea oferă posibilitatea exprimării sinelui, creativităţii şi a introducerii în muzică, teatru şi artă în general Sorrel W. Este ca şi cum varicose live este grozav înşişi îşi amintesc Nadel H. M, Strauss, Dacă acesta este cazul, ar putea fi un alt argument pentru importanţa predării dansului la copiii cu cerinţe educaţionale speciale.

Încrederea copiilor în creativitatea lor trebuie încurajată. La început, ei vor avea tendinţa să copieze ideile profesorului, apoi ei vin cu sugestii care nu sunt foarte bune sau originale, dar dacă produsul acestor doua faze este acceptat şi bine primit, munca încântătoare şi inventivă va începe să apară, iar ei vor începe să se gândească la dans, să analizeze şi să creeze, cu mult înainte de a avea vocabularul cu care să descrie ce fac.

În urma evaluărilor am considerat că trebuie găsită o cale de a insufla o înţelegere a dansului, şi am pornit de la premiza că dacă copiii oetul de mere trateaza varicoza nu pot auzi muzica şi nu au nici o cunoştiinţă despre regularitatea pulsului sau despre variaţiile de ritm posibile în dans, eu trebuia varicose live este grozav îi ajut să devină conştienţi de ritmul care este în corp şi de acolo de ritm, dinamică, respiraţie şi text, care sunt în orice mişcare de dans.

Studiul dansului Benary N. De ce nu ar primi copiii cu cerinţe educaţionale speciale aceste beneficii fizice, mentale, emoţionale şi estetice ale dansului, la fel cum fac copiii din învăţământul de masă? Copiii cu cerinţe educaţionale speciale pot obţine beneficii adiţionale specifice dizabilităţii lor: prin dans, ei au oportunitatea să se exprime, ceea ce deseori alină frustrarea de a avea foarte puţin sau nici un limbaj verbal cu care să poată să facă asta.